Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Hohoho Landia

Wow, well, it appears the the Schmidt family has singlehandedly managed to restore peace to the American economy by injecting grandiose amounts of cash into the flagging system. As a matter of fact, the ladies known as my aunts are out shopping MORE, even now.

I am personally not sure how they do it, as my desire to shop is apallingly weak, much like my desire to get manicures and to wear foundation makeup: nonexistent.

We are a funny family, prone to hours of impassioned Boggle playing, crosswork solving, and losing all our money to my brother in poker games. It's really restorative.

I must warn anyone who thinks that seeing the Benjamin Button movie. Don't. Just don't. Terribly disappointingly bad. What a missed opportunity.

Anyhow, More to come, but right now I really need to get to the crossword before they finish it without me.

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amycue said...

The only reason you have no desire for foundation is because you have perfectly wonderful skin - you probably don't have a desire for glasses either. Now shopping is a different thing altogether but once you start making oodles of money we will see if your desire is still nonexistent.....loved seeing you and Chip and your new blog.