Monday, December 15, 2008

Lazarus the journal

Ahem, I am back from the "dead"!

*crickets chirping in background*

Umm, okay, well, let me freshen this place up a bit *brushing cobwebs from corners* and regale you with my tales of wonder and intrigue.

Or just an update.

Hey, people, I live in Austin Texas again! I never thought I would live here again, but here I am. After being so far away, so unstimulated (socially), and so out of my element for so long, where better to go than where my roots are?

I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be.

Yes, the job market is crappy, the economy seems to be bottoming out, and everyone is looking forward with a gloomy countenance, but I see a lot of silver linings in this scenario.

Americans are addicted to junk and crap. It's true. (note to self, I will not let Chip give anyone mango slicers or other useless kitchen clutter this year!)

I hope that an economic downturn will make us all consider what we actually care about in this world, and get back to "basics." I want to see more people gardening and growing their own food. I long to see more people creating beautiful outdoor sanctuaries adjacent to their homes where they can entertain friends, family, and flights of fancy. *

I would love to see more folks scaling back on the things they don't really need (fast food, cable television, plastic junk), and focusing on those things that are meaningful to them (personal relationships, hobbies, learning new things, reading).

In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I will hereby proclaim 2009 my own "Year of Living Simply." ** This year will be better and more productive than the last, because I am going to try to be a better and more efficient me by trimming the fat and celebrating the simple, the visceral, and the marvelous.

*I have to hope this, because as an unemployed landscape architect, I need those people to call upon my skills to help them realize their outdoor design potential.

** Living in a house less than half the size of my house in Indiana, that is 300% crappier, I must focus on living simply because we cannot bring any more stuff into this house, we have to save $$ to buy a home here, and *cough* I am unemployed, which means I simply cannot afford to live any way BUT simply.


Kathy Hernandez said...

I know the sacrifices you've had to make to get back to Austin have been many, and I know it's not been easy scaling down to a smaller house that is 300% crappier than the one you left behind, but it sure has been great having you and Chip living ten minutes away. I've no doubt that you will be finding employment in the very near future. Sometimes it takes a while to land the right job.

ruminations said...

Your back !ever let such a long time pass without a new blog.

Nancy Adams said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Finding a job in this environment is very difficult - on the bright side, you have not committed yourself to the higher living costs that you become accustomed to after working for awhile. The best way to find jobs is to network -- join professional societies, go to chamber of commerce meetings, etc. Then there is always government work -- that seems to be more stable than most commercial jobs these days... Can't wait to se you all next week!!!