Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear World,

I miss you, outside world.

I've been insanely busy here. I mean, literally INSANE, so busy.

I am trying to make a life here, and it has taken A LOT of work. I have a couple of massage gigs going these days, thank goodness, because the landscape architecture world is at a veritable standstill at the moment...

In the meantime, I have picked up a landscape job at a friend's home, and was hired a couple of days ago to do another landscape job at the home of the director of a nonprofit, the American Botanical Council, where I have been volunteering for the past couple of months.

My dabbling in the design/build world has resulted in my remembering how much work physical labor is, and how profoundly rewarding it is! I will post pictures one day soon when it is finished.

I am growing a million and one varieties of heirloom vegetables, and hope to have a stand at the the local farmers market here selling starts to many wanna be gardeners and farmers. I have been loving my time in the ABC greenhouse. I think I would like very much to be a farmer one day.

Chip and I are hard at work buying a house here. The myriad issues associated with grown-up house buying makes me appreciate how effortless the purchase of the Indiana property was by compare. Of course, that house cost less than a decent new car...

So, forgive me, for my lack of wondrous tales and stories of awe and wonder.

I guess this is the blog equivalent of "checking in."

Hello, world. I promise to be back soon with more interesting news. Right now I am busy trying to cultivate a life.

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Lucky said...

I've seen you working like a man now. Soon, you will be making more blog entries I hope.